The Encampment

The Household can provide a living history encampment for any dateline within the period 1066-1216, ranging from a military household with associated weapons and armour manufacturers to a royal party and their richly furnished lodgings. Features of our encampment are:
  • The Armoury, where members of the public can handle replica weapons and armour
  • The Cook Tent, where period food is cooked and served for The Household's set-piece medieval feast display 
  • The Feasting Tent, a huge tent where The Household all sit down together once per day for an authentic medieval feast complete with displays of period etiquette
  • The Chapel, where The Household's priest issues blessings and absolutions to The Household's knights and soldiers
  • The Scriptorium, where monks work on replica texts and their beautification to the glory of God
  • The Royal Tent, where the king receives petitioners and conducts his business in opulent surroundings
  • Knights and Soldiers' Tents, where the different social ranks in The Household display their property and how they would sleep while on campaign
  • The tents of numerous craftspeople. For more details please see our Crafts page