What We Do

Eleventh Century

The Household portray knights and soldiers from the army of William the Conqueror as well as a military encampment during the period surrounding the Norman Conquest.

Twelfth Century

The Household portray a unit of professional soldiers in the employ of a noble person during the twelfth century and regularly portray the defenders of castles under siege.

Thirteenth Century

The Household portray knights and their retinues during the early thirteenth-century conflicts surrounding Magna Carta, known as the First Barons' War.

Historical Characters

The Household provide medieval characters such as kings, castellans, monks and musicians from the period 1066-1216.


The Household has a large authentic encampment bringing the sights and smells of the Anglo-Norman period to life.


The Household demonstrate a number of medieval crafts including fletching, maille-working, embroidery, cooking and many more.